Can a coronavirus vaccine lead to infertility? Harm to the fetus

Can a coronavirus vaccine lead to infertility?

On the basis of worldwide and universal vaccination against coronavirus, there are more and more questions related to new vaccines that are offered to all people. One of these questions is – can a coronavirus vaccine lead to infertility? And we will consider the answer to this question a little below. The question will be considered directly in the context of fertility, both young men and girls.

Risks for men

To begin with, it is worth noting that men who previously had problems with the coronavirus and suffered this viral disease in severe form have every chance of experiencing fertility problems. This drew the attention of Dr. Dan Aderka, one of the leading experts in this field from Israel. In particular, it is noted that a decrease in the volume and overall motility of sperm in men occurs in about 50% of cases. As of today, there is no information about whether spermatogenesis can recover in the future, over time. In this case, the only thing that can remain is surrogacy, which will contribute to solving this problem.

How are things with vaccination

According to the doctor Alexander Myasnikov, no side effects from vaccination were noted by any of the manufacturers of the drug. As noted in the instructions to the vaccine, the only and standard side effects for all are the occurrence of temperature fluctuations after vaccination, as well as chills.

Gynecologists themselves at the same time note the fact that at present, both breastfeeding and pregnancy are fully contraindicated in the case of vaccination. In other words, pregnant women are strictly forbidden to get vaccinated, because this can lead to further problems with the formation, development of the fetus or adversely affect the condition of milk during feeding. Despite such statements, there is no information about how vaccination affects the health of pregnant women.

Can a coronavirus vaccine lead to infertility?

What can be said in the end

As of today, it is impossible to confidently assert that vaccination leads to subsequent infertility. As for those couples who plan to deal with the reproduction of offspring in the future, only the fact that the coronavirus itself is able to significantly reduce sexual activity, as well as fertility, has been proven. It can also be noted that if pregnancy occurs immediately after a person has been ill, this will negatively affect the condition of the fetus itself. Moreover, pregnant women, according to statistics, are infected with the virus much more often and the disease itself is more severe. In this regard, it is worth being extremely careful not to risk once again.

So far, there are no reliable research results that indicate the negative impact of the vaccine itself. The area is currently unexplored, therefore, various risks may arise that have not been studied as of today. In the future, doctors will investigate this feature of the effect of the vaccine on the human body and fertility.

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