How often should I visit a gynecologist

How often should a woman be examined by a gynecologist?

As a prevention of the development of diseases of the reproductive system, all women need to visit a gynecologist at least once a year. Starting from the age of 35, women should be examined by a gynecologist at least twice a year, which is explained by the increased risk of developing various diseases of the genitals in this age group. During the examination, the doctor draws up a general picture of the state of the genitals and takes biological material for research in the laboratory, which helps to identify hidden diseases at the beginning of their development.

how often should I visit a gynecologist.

Scheduled gynecologist examination, provided there are no complaints, consists of three stages:

  • Initial visual inspection;
  • Examination of the uterus and vagina using a mirror;
  • Bimanual examination, which helps to get a general picture of the state of the cervix and other organs of the reproductive system.

Unscheduled visit to a gynecologist in case of complaints

If you have any complaints, you need to urgently visit a gynecologist. Among the most common reasons for an unscheduled visit to a gynecologist, we can distinguish:

  • Menstrual cycle failure;
  • Scanty and very abundant discharge during menstruation;
  • Bleeding;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Pain during or after intimacy;
  • Unnatural discharge;
  • Burning or itching of the genitals.

If any of the above symptoms occur, you should urgently make an appointment with a doctor. Further frequency of visits will depend on the severity of the detected disease and the need for its treatment.

Consultation with a gynecologist.

Frequency of visits to the gynecologist during pregnancy

After learning about pregnancy, every woman should immediately register with a gynecologist. Often, women are registered at 8-9 weeks, after which the doctor prescribes scheduled visits:

  • At week 16-20;
  • At 24-25 weeks;
  • At 30-32 weeks;
  • At 36 weeks;
  • If necessary, at 38-40 weeks.

If the gynecologist reveals any abnormalities during the examination of a pregnant patient, he can prescribe additional techniques, the number of which depends on the complexity of the situation.

After a woman gives birth, a scheduled examination by a gynecologist should take place no later than 1-2 months after delivery. These terms may vary depending on the complexity of the delivery process and the complications that have arisen.

Preparation for a visit to a gynecologist

2-3 days before visiting a gynecologist, not recommended:

  • Use means, the use of which implies an internal introduction. This applies to vaginal pills, candles and douching;
  • If possible, refuse sexual contact;
  • Observe intimate hygiene without using perfumes.

Examination by a gynecologist.

Why is it important to visit a gynecologist regularly?

It is necessary to visit a gynecologist not only for women, but also for girls, which should be done immediately after the first menstruation. A gynecologist will help to align the menstrual cycle, get rid of painful sensations and avoid the development of iron deficiency anemia, which often develops in teenage girls with very heavy menstruation.

A girl should definitely visit a gynecologist after the first intimacy. This is very important for every expectant mother. The doctor will conduct a standard examination, select suitable contraceptives and, if there are complaints, prescribe additional tests and conduct treatment.

A gynecologist belongs to the category of doctors whose regular visits must be strictly observed. Women should never neglect preventive visits to a gynecologist, because this can cause serious problems with reproductive function. Untimely detected diseases of the genitals and the lack of their treatment can cause the inability to carry a child and even infertility. In these cases, only artificial insemination or surrogacy can help a woman become a mother.

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