Features of preparation for pregnancy

Features of preparation for pregnancy

If possible, it is recommended to thoroughly prepare for the conception of a child. To do this, you need to stop using oral contraceptives for six months, and if there is a spiral, remove it in a few months. It is also recommended to visit a gynecological office. If there are problems with previous births, it is recommended to undergo ultrasound, in order to avoid dangerous consequences and expectations.

If there are infectious diseases, it is recommended to cure them before conception of the child. This rule applies to both parents. After treatment, it is worth re-checking with an infectious disease specialist.

Features of preparation for pregnancy

Doctors recommend keeping the body in good shape, as well as putting the weight in order. To do this, it is necessary to balance the diet. The diet should consist of various fruits, vegetables, juices and other healthy foods. Vitamins are especially needed in the first months of pregnancy, since during this period the correct laying of the child’s organs takes place.

In the summer and autumn, when the mother’s body is saturated with vitamins naturally, there is no need to take multivitamins.

However, experts recommend using folic acid. It contributes to the proper development of the child’s nervous system. If the first period of pregnancy falls in the winter and spring months, then vitamins should be taken a few months before conception. Since it is not always possible to plan your diet correctly.

Bad habits will have to be abandoned. No matter how difficult it is. And it is important to give them up a few months “before”, and not when the tummy appeared. Scientists point out that smoking causes failures at the genetic level. Moreover, problems can be transmitted through generations. In addition to a gynecologist, it is also recommended to visit a dentist.

If this is not done, serious problems may arise in a few years. The fact is that it will not work to remove teeth during pregnancy. In the first and last trimester, you can not put anesthesia for tooth extraction. And if a tooth is removed in the second trimester, then dentures will be inserted only after the end of the breastfeeding period.

Because of this, it is not always possible to laugh with your mouth completely open. Also, do not forget that caries is a source of many infections. Modern dentists do almost all procedures painlessly and efficiently. Therefore, take the time to the dentist.

Very often, girls living in large cities have vision problems. If there is a need for a Cesarean section, doctors should be sure that labor efforts will not create prerequisites for retinal detachment. Trips to the doctors take time, but it is better to visit them before conception, and not with a “belly”. It is better to walk in the fresh air during pregnancy than to “catch” infections in polyclinics.

Special attention should be paid to the kidneys, especially to those girls who have problems with them.

At the same time, the father of the unborn child should also eat vitamins and not drink alcohol at least three months before conception. Alcohol undermines the viability of spermatozoa.

And one of the main recommendations for expectant mothers is to find a good gynecologist who will conduct pregnancy. It is important to ask friends, close people about the availability of a good specialist, since competent gynecologists do not always come across in the women’s consultation. Comfort and calmness in communicating with doctors are important for expectant mothers.

Also, do not get hung up on conceiving a child. Constant thoughts about this can contribute to the blocking of childbearing functions. It is not necessary to have sex several times a day for a quick conception. Despite the fact that it brings a lot of pleasure, but the probability of getting pregnant is significantly reduced, since the desired quality of sperm can be achieved only once every three to four days.

There is no need to look for signs of pregnancy a few days after the moment X and actively buy pregnancy tests at the pharmacy. It is also not necessary to wind up and read stories about problems with conception on the Internet. The body of each girl is individual, and nature is wiser than man, so do not try to outwit her.

Good luck!

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