Do I need a husband in childbirth - the pros and cons of partner childbirth

Do I need a husband in childbirth?

Childbirth is a crucial moment in every woman’s life, even if this child is born under the program of surrogacy. And she wants to share it with the closest person. And if earlier the mother or sister of the woman in labor could mainly be present at childbirth, then recently joint childbirth with her husband has become popular.

Now you can go to the hospital with your husband. But is a husband really necessary during childbirth? There is no exact answer to this question. After all, as many people, so many opinions. While one woman firmly decides to invite her husband to the maternity hospital for childbirth, the other strongly rejects this possibility, believing that the presence of her husband at birth is unacceptable.

Do I need a husband in childbirth?

Do I need a husband in childbirth?

It depends on the desire of the woman in labor. Sometimes the husband himself expresses a desire to come to the maternity hospital to give birth to his wife. Someone agrees to a joint birth with her husband, and someone thinks that she will cope better without him. Therefore, it is pointless to argue about this and try to convince each other. However, before making a final decision on whether it will be a birth with her husband, it is necessary to study as much information as possible and weigh all the positive and negative sides of this idea.

The presence of a husband at birth – all the pros and cons

This topic is more relevant today than ever. Supporters and opponents of joint childbirth give their arguments. And each of them is right in his own way. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for pregnant women to decide on the answer when they get to the maternity hospital, they are asked whether it will be a standard birth or a birth with her husband.

Childbirth with her husband: for

The presence of a husband at birth has become a newfangled phenomenon, which is gradually becoming normal. This is told by friends, the press, the Internet, where you can see the whole process of childbirth on video. Some women in labor shoot the process of joint childbirth on video and post this video on social networks after giving birth, etc.

If the husband wanted to procreate, that’s fine. And if he offers you a joint birth, do not rush to refuse. In your case, the husband is the closest person in whose presence you will be comfortable. He will not stand aside, but will try to help in every possible way. And this means that it will be easier for you to give birth.

Your husband will provide you with great moral support upon arrival at the hospital. In addition, he will massage your back, lower abdomen. If necessary, he will help to go to the toilet, breathe when trying, call midwives. If your husband does not yet know how to behave at a partner birth, you can show him a video on this topic. There is a video that shows what a husband needs to do before giving birth, and there is a video that talks about the role of the husband directly during the birth process. Many women in labor are so lost during labor that they forget about proper breathing. The husband in this situation will help to maintain the right breathing rhythm and tell you the most comfortable position. So the role of the husband in childbirth is far from the last. After giving birth, you will respect him even more.

Advantages of a husband in childbirth

The maternity hospital receives a huge number of women every day. Accordingly, the medical staff simply physically will not be able to pay enough attention to each woman in labor. Therefore, most women are alone in the ward during contractions. At this difficult moment, loneliness is not the best helper. But a person who knows how to behave in this situation will come in handy.

You need to take your husband with you to the hospital at least to monitor the medical staff. He will clarify the names of pills and injections that are intended for his wife, their contraindications. In addition, in the presence of her husband, the woman in labor will be treated more correctly and politely.

The arrival at the maternity hospital and the presence of his wife at birth makes an indelible impression on the newly-made father. Unlike other fathers who were not present at the birth of his wife, he begins to show paternal feelings earlier. He treats his child more tenderly after discharge from the hospital, nurses him no less than his mother.

After giving birth, the husband has more tender feelings for his wife. Partner births bring spouses closer together, making them a single whole. This will be told to you by many married couples who preferred partner childbirth to ordinary childbirth. If desired, you can watch a video with reviews of joint childbirth. You will learn that after partner childbirth, the relationship between husband and wife becomes stronger, more trusting, reaching a higher level of development.

Your husband knows you like no one else. He will pick up the right words and emotions, give confidence in his abilities. The practice of joint childbirth has shown that women respond better to the words of their spouse than to the requests of doctors and midwives.

Childbirth with her husband: against

Many women agree that it is absolutely impossible to invite her husband to the maternity hospital for joint childbirth, referring to the fact that he will only interfere. During contractions, a woman can not restrain herself and throw out her emotions to her husband. They will be overcome by the idea that their husband is the cause of their suffering.

Seeing the pain and suffering of his wife, the husband will begin to feel guilty for what is happening. And the worst thing is that he can’t help her in any way. Besides, it’s no secret that a woman becomes irritable during childbirth. Accordingly, it is not necessary to exclude the possibility of an emotional outburst. Some people shout at their chosen one, say that nothing works out for him and he does everything wrong.

Childbirth with her husband: against

Of course, childbirth with her husband seals the union, but sometimes they can lead the family to collapse. This applies to those whose relationships before childbirth were imperfect.

Men are strong, but after seeing the birth process, they may simply not cope with their emotions, panicking or worse, fainting. Then the attention of doctors from the woman in labor will switch to her husband. A woman will begin to worry, which is extremely undesirable during childbirth. After that, the relationship of the spouses can change a lot. There are a lot of videos on the Internet with such a plot. So if you want, you can watch this video.

The birth of a child should be a secret for men. So many opponents of joint childbirth with her husband believe. Really. Currently, television and the Internet have already initiated men into all the anatomical details of the female body. So at least let childbirth remain the personal “space” of women, in which the mystery should remain.

Many women refuse to partner childbirth because of a sense of shyness. They do not want to appear in front of their husband in an unsightly way. After all, women during childbirth are not able to monitor their appearance. They walk around the room, take different poses, moan in pain, go to the toilet and can’t find a place for themselves. Women are horrified to imagine what their spouse might think and feel at the sight of mucus, feces, blood, placenta remnants and a bloody umbilical cord. After what he saw, the attitude of a husband to his wife can change a lot. These thoughts greatly disturb the woman. Therefore, instead of focusing on the process of childbirth, the woman in labor will think about how she looks.

The main argument in favor of giving birth alone is a woman’s fear that her husband will lose sexual interest in her after what he saw in the delivery room. And these fears are fully justified. There are cases when, after a joint birth, a man began to feel a sense of disgust for his wife, perceiving her only as the mother of his child. This is a difficult situation in which only a psychologist will help.

Preparing her husband for childbirth

How to prepare a husband for childbirth?

Initially, talk to your husband about partner childbirth. Find out how he feels about it. Joint childbirth is a mutual decision. Therefore, if at least one of the spouses is against such childbirth, it is better to immediately abandon this idea.

To be present at the birth of his wife, the husband must pass the necessary tests. As a rule, this is:

  • fluorography;
  • blood test for HIV, hepatitis B and C (HBS, HCV)., syphilis (RW);
  • nasal and pharyngeal bacposev to determine the presence of staphylococcus.

You also need to be examined by a therapist and take a conclusion on the state of health, in which it will be written that you do not have coronary heart disease, hypertension. Such an examination is carried out both in the polyclinic and at the place of residence in any medical center.

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