Diet after childbirth. How to quickly restore the figure after childbirth?

How to quickly restore the figure after childbirth?

Even before the birth of a child, many expectant mothers are concerned about how quickly the stomach will go away, how long the figure will recover and what needs to be done to regain attractive shapes and “pre-pregnancy” clothing size. If your pregnancy was quite normal, and the birth was natural, then your figure will quickly get into shape.

How to quickly restore a figure after childbirth?

And if you practice breastfeeding, then thanks to prolactin, you will very quickly regain your former size. However, sometimes, after the birth of a baby, the skin loses its tone, and you need to help your body lose extra pounds, then a universal diet will come to your aid. So, the diet after childbirth is as follows:

5 simple rules will help you look great and be in shape after childbirth:

  • 1 rule. Fruit and vegetable menu. More fruits and vegetables, less fried, flour and sweet (sweets, cakes, cakes, lemonades). It is so simple and so difficult at the same time to observe the very necessary balance for the beauty of our body. Therefore, you can make a menu for a week. To begin with, enter 3-4 meals each day as the basis, which will be fruits or vegetables (salad). In the remaining 2 meals a day, add fermented milk and cereal products.
  • rule 2. In order for the diet after childbirth to be as effective as possible, you need to break the meal into 5 times a day. Small portions of food 5 times a day will help your body to digest and process food faster. Thus, you will increase the metabolic rate, thereby ensuring that the body will better break down fats and other substances, without putting aside excess.

Proper diet after childbirth

  • rule 3. Get yourself a special plate that holds a portion of food no more than 200-250 grams. Your portions of food, as part of the diet after childbirth, should be small in volume. And be sure to make sure that there are no snacks between meals.
  • rule 4. Drink enough fluids a day. Almost everyone knows that normally you should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day. But not everyone knows that a liquid is water. Any other drinks do not apply to this norm. Exclude lemonades, juices, compotes, coffee, etc. for the duration of the diet after childbirth. Drink only tea and water.
  • rule 5. Physical activity. Rocking the baby in your arms, washing, cleaning and cooking is a physical activity. However, to lose weight quickly after childbirth, you need an additional load. (It’s worth noting here that all of the above rules work only for those who had a natural birth). Buy yourself a hula hoop, a jump rope or a home simulator. Twist the hoop, jump, swing the press, pedal, swim in the pool – the main thing is that the physical load is constant and uniform. It’s not worth jumping rope all day and then lying on the couch for a week. Only a normalized load will give a quick and effective result in the form of gone kilograms and a beautiful figure. In addition, the habit of physical activity will be useful to you further, because the key to our health is movement.
  • Diet after childbirth

    In order for the diet after childbirth to help you regain your beauty and slimness, it is worth eliminating all sorts of harmful things from your diet once and for all – chips, French fries, sauces, snickers and so on.

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