The cost of surrogacy programs in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia

The cost and benefits of surrogacy programs in Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

It is impossible to determine the cost of the program in Ukraine with accuracy, because it depends on many factors and conditions: the number of children carried by a surrogate mother during one pregnancy, the method of delivery (by caesarean section, or by natural means), the level of the clinic in which the surrogate mother will be observed, and many others. But, on average, the price fluctuates around 40000-60000 €. The reward in any case will be very solid.

In addition to payment for the period of carrying a child and the previous embryo transfer operation, every month during pregnancy will also be paid, as well as payment for housing, full meals, money for personal expenses and clothing.

The cost and benefits of surrogacy programs

There are also other components of the cost surrogacy programs:

  • With the onset of 4 months of gestation, the surrogate mother will be allocated funds for new clothes, which, on average, is 500-900 USD;
  • Every month there is a mandatory transfer of funds for quality food, which is about 250-500 USD and varies in accordance with the terms of the contract;
  • The surrogate mother will be paid the remaining amount of remuneration for the services provided after childbirth and the signing of legal documents, on average it is about 15-25 thousand euros.

The price of surrogacy in the Republic of Belarus

A surrogate mother in the territory of the Republic of Belarus has the opportunity to earn about 20-30 thousand dollars, this amount will be supplemented by monthly surcharges during the entire pregnancy and one month after the transfer of the child, payment for clothing, housing rent, food, medical examinations, vitamins, medicines, IVF procedures and many other related expenses. In the case of childbirth by caesarean section, compensation is provided in the region of $ 1000 – $ 2000.

It is important to consider the state social benefits provided for both sides of the program. According to the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 7-Z, surrogate mothers can claim maternity benefits (maternity benefits, benefits for pregnant women registered in a state hospital up to 12 weeks), and a biological mother can claim family benefits (child birth benefits, benefits related to caring for a child up to 3 years old).

The cost of surrogacy in the Russian Federation

It is impossible to accurately determine the cost of a surrogacy program in Russia, because its value is determined by many factors stipulated in individual contracts.

The program of this direction lasts on average about 15 months, most of which is the period of carrying a child, provided that the IVF procedure has a favorable result. On average, during the program, a surrogate mother in the territory of the Russian Federation can earn 60000-80000 €.

price of surrogacy in the CIS

It is important to note that the legislative framework of the Russian Federation does not clearly determine the distribution of state social benefits between a surrogate mother and a genetic mother. In this regard, the method of legal analogy is used.

Benefits and allowances that a surrogate mother can claim:

  1. Benefits and maternity leave.
  2. An additional benefit when registering for pregnancy at an early stage.

Benefits and allowances that a genetic mother can count on:

  • Leave for the entire duration of the IVF procedure (from the beginning of stimulation to embryo transfer).
  • Leave and allowance for child care up to 1.5 years (3 years).
  • One-time allowance for the birth of a child (children).
  • Maternity capital.
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