Is the second birth easier, how to prepare for 2 births

The second birth is not scary!

Every woman who has given birth to a child has a lot of impressions left after visiting the maternity hospital. Many are afraid of the memories of this day, and some enthusiastically talk about the last hours waiting for the baby.

Quite often, a woman can meet the problem of fear of second childbirth, which arises due to various problems. It can be a difficult first birth, health problems and many other reasons. But before you think about the bad, you should learn more about how the second birth goes for most women.

Advantages of second genera

Women who have had the experience of having two or more children identify several positive factors. They influence a favorable outcome in childbirth. Which has a positive effect not only on the mother, but also on the child. These factors will help the expectant mother, who is going to the hospital again, to gather her thoughts and feel more confident.

Three factors that will help a woman to go to a second birth without fear

• Experience

If for the first time the expectant mother does not know what the harbingers of childbirth are, or what contractions are, then during the second pregnancy all these memories will help during childbirth. Having experience from the first birth is the biggest plus. After going through all the stages once, all the key moments of this process will remain in memory. It becomes easier for a woman when she knows what to do and what to expect in the future.

• Time

If the duration of the first birth ranges from 10 to 15 hours, then the second birth is much faster, from 5 to 8 hours. Of course, it’s all individual and depends on the body of the woman in labor. But reducing the time from the first fight to the attempts is also a positive moment.

• Prepared organism

The female body is unique in its structure, because it can grow a little man in the womb. And besides, it remembers everything that happened to it and the process of giving birth to a child is no exception. During the second birth, the expansion of the pelvic bones is much easier, all the muscles are already prepared and of course the woman herself already knows what to do to help the delivery.

How to prepare for the second birth

In order for the second birth to be remembered only with good moments, the expectant mother should prepare well. Compliance with certain rules, as well as a good psychological attitude will help to go through all the stages of the birth of a child faster and easier.

2nd genera

List of things in the maternity hospital

A pre-prepared list will help mom feel more confident, because very often you can find notes that the second birth comes faster than the first.

Choosing a maternity hospital

A pre-selected maternity hospital can also bring additional confidence. After all, if a woman in labor knows about the qualifications of the staff, she will be much calmer.

Proper nutrition

It is an integral part of any sphere of human life, proper nutrition during pregnancy will help the body replenish all the necessary vitamins and give it strength.

Proper nutrition

Physical activity

No need to take cross-country or go to the gym. Active walks in the fresh air, cleaning the house – this will be enough to help the body not to relax and avoid ruptures during childbirth.

Emotional peace

The absence of stress is one of the important elements of easy childbirth. After all, stress takes a lot of energy, so it’s better to avoid it.

Positive attitude

You need to go into labor with a smile and confidence that everything will be fine. With this attitude, it will be easier to listen to doctors and the birth will not be difficult.

Positive attitude of a pregnant woman

Choosing a partner in childbirth

The support of a loved one is very important, especially at such a moment. Therefore, the right partner in childbirth is the calmness of the woman in labor.

The second birth has many advantages, so do not be afraid of them, you should go to them with confidence that everything will be fine!

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