Unfounded fears of surrogate mothers

Unfounded fears of surrogate mothers

The data of social surveys, the target audience of which is potential surrogate mothers, helped to find out that many participants have multiple fears and fears to participate in the surrogacy program. But most of them are completely unfounded. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Fear of a difficult separation from a child

The baby carried by the surrogate mother has absolutely no genetic ties with her, because the embryo was cultivated with the help of biological materials of genetic parents. A surrogate mother is just a temporary “house” for a baby. It is important to take into account that potential participants of the program are women with their own children, who rarely show affection for the children they are carrying. But, of course, it depends on the psychological mood of women. For our part, we create comfortable conditions for mothers.

Unfounded fears of surrogate mothers

Fear of rejection of a child by genetic parents

It is important to remember that the legislation provides for the presence of a couple of medical indications for participation in the surrogacy program, most often these couples have a disappointing diagnosis of “infertility”. Their persistent desire to have a baby and raise it in love and care knows no bounds. And the help of a surrogate mother is the only way to find a full-fledged family. Therefore, it is unlikely that these people will refuse such a precious gift of fate.

Fear of various complications during pregnancy and childbirth

The risk of complications during pregnancy is always present, but it is in the case of a surrogate mother’s pregnancy that they are minimized, because every woman undergoes a thorough and detailed examination, and their pregnancies are conducted only by the best professionals in their field who are familiar with all the pitfalls of reproduction. Each patient will receive attention, an individual approach and a lightning-fast solution to all problems. The delivery process will take place in the best maternity hospitals under the guidance of experienced doctors. Therefore, your concern has no grounds.

fears of surrogates

Fear of fraud and loss of funds

It is important to remember that a legally certified contract is always drawn up between the agency, the genetic parents and the surrogate mother, in which all the requirements and conditions of cooperation are specified in detail, taking into account the interests of both parties. Experienced lawyers will always help resolve any controversial issues, which guarantees each client to receive full legal protection.

Fear of being judged by family, friends and neighbors

To our deepest regret, despite the progress and modern technologies, people still continue to treat the issue of surrogacy ambiguously. Many people find dubious articles on the Internet with a huge number of conjectures and myths. It is important to remember that the program provides for complete confidentiality, and your personal data will be kept secret under any circumstances. If you want to hide the pregnancy from friends of the surrounding people, you will be provided with housing during the process of carrying a child.

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