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Yes, you can. Our agency is international, people from different countries address us for help, we support foreign citizens at all stages, draw up the necessary documents for the embassies as well as.
Our branches are located in Belarus and Ukraine, but we work with any country citizens in the world.
These countries legislation regulates a genetic parent and a surrogate mother relationship. Therefore, the surrogate mother has no rights to the carried child. In other countries (e.g. Russia), a surrogate may have a claim on the child.
In addition, the all-medical services quality in the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine is very high.
With IVF and surrogacy in Ukraine, the law does not limit of the assigned sex choice of the unborn child; in the Republic of Belarus, the assigned sex choice of the unborn child is allowed only when the child's diseases related to gender are likely.
a sperm donor can be the man aged between 18 and 50 inclusive, without any medical contraindications to sperm donation and undergone a medical examination.
An egg donor can be the woman aged between 18 and 35 inclusive, having a child, without any medical contraindications to egg donation and undergone a medical examination.
A patient's relative may be a non-anonymous donor of the patient (as regard to the female patient - her female relative, as regard to the male patient - his male relative).
It is possible, persons not having the medical indications for the assisted reproductive technologies are also entitle to their germ cells preserved.
It is possible, anonymous donor meeting is performed from a database containing of anonymous donors description and the following non-patient confidentiality information, such as age, height, weight, hair and eye color, race and nationality, education, blood group and Rh factor.
Only the patient's own oocytes and donor sperm from an anonymous donor can be used in this occurs. The other one is without a legal provision.
A woman for whom carrying and giving birth is not physiologically possible for medical indications or relate to a risk to her and/or her child life may only use surrogate service.
A surrogate mother may be a woman aged 20-35 inclusive, who has a child and has no bad habits or medical contraindications.
Surrogate mother services range from USD 13,000 to USD 25,000.
There are embryos genetic testing practice before transferring that allow selecting genetically healthy embryos and use it during IVF or surrogacy.
Perhaps, in this case, the surrogate mother receives an extra remuneration in amount of $ 2,000 or more.
Girls with alvus surgery are not suitable as a surrogate mother. CS is one of such interventions.
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