International transportation of biological materials services

International carriage of biological substances

Happy parents agency invites foreign citizens to use the services of international carriage of biological substances from anywhere in the world to Minsk or Kiev city. This service is relevant for those clients who have their own frozen embryos or other reproductive substances required for IVF or surrogacy programs.

We can as follows:

  1. International carriage of frozen embryos.
  2. Carriage of cryopreserved oocytes.
  3. Carriage of sperm specimens.
  4. Carriage of ovary tissue

транспортировка биологических материалов

Safe carriage technology:

    • frozen embryos, oocytes or sperm are carried by specialized containers, in which, due to fine sensors, a constant temperature is maintained.
    • the temperature in the containers is 196 °С below zero and can be maintained as required for up to 12 days.
    • containers protect cryosubstance from X-rays at every moment of carriage, since this X-rays can have a bad influence on genetic material.
    • using only specialized containers are approved for carriage
    • Happy Parents agency employees communicate with both clinics (consignor clinic and consignee clinic) for the correct confirming paper work.

Carriage procedure as follows:

– cargo (the container is forwarded unaccompanied by delivery services. In this case, the consignee clinic custom broker makes customs clearance)

– hand carry (specialist accompanies the container all the way from the point of departure to the delivery point who also monitors the gentle carriage, take a photo of all stages of carriage and process customs documents. There is the possibility of online tracking of carriage)

Carriage usually takes a short time, about 3-4 days (due to COVID19 restrictions, the term may be increased).

24 hours express delivery is possible too.

Happy parents utilise only state-of-the art and advanced technologies. By the aid of all this, biological specimens are forwarded safety and on time!

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