Preparation of documents for various surrogacy programs

Preparation of documents for various surrogacy programs

Surrogacy contract

In accordance with Belarus and Ukraine legislation, there are a number of requirements for conclusion of contracts between parents and surrogates. All these contracts must be concluded in writing, attested by a civil-law notary, and for the contracting married parties, the written consent of the couple is required.

Essence of the contract:

  • provision of services for bearing a child and a childbirth (children) by a surrogate to another woman;
  • oocytes participation extracted from the body of the genetic mother or the use of donor oocytes;
  • the number of embryos transferred to the surrogate mother’s alvus;
  • the clinic in which the IVF procedures and the transfer of embryos into the surrogate’s alvus;
  • the obligations of a surrogate mother to comply with all doctor’s instructions and provide genetic parents with information about their and bearing the child health status;
  • permanent or temporary residence of the surrogate mother during the period of bearing the child (children);

  • the obligation of the surrogate mother to hand over the genetic mother of the child (children) after their birth obligatory indicated the transfer time of the child;
  • the obligation of the genetic mother to accept a child from the surrogate mother;
  • the amount of the surrogate’s remuneration;
  • expense allowance for medical treatment, food, accommodation of a surrogate mother during bearing of the child.

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Documents for foreign citizens

Genetic parents, if they are foreign citizens, can take their child home after their birth. Nevertheless, this requires special documents to return with the child. Each country has its own requirements for the execution of these documents. To obtain a travel document for a child or a passport, genetic parents must personally address the consulate agency of the country where they came from.

Happy Parents lawyers will assist to obtain documents for a child for foreign citizens

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