Surrogate mother meeting

The service of meeting a healthy and responsible surrogate mother from the agency's database

Regulatory review of the surrogate mother

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, not every woman can become a surrogate mother. Requirements applicable to a surrogate mother regarding her social and health status is serious.

A surrogate mother can be married woman 20-35 years old, having her own healthy child and has no medical contraindications, is not suspected or accused in a criminal case, not convicted of a serious, high crime against a person, not deprived and limited of parental rights, no adjudged as incompetent or partially incompetent.

Important: a surrogate mother no have any right to be as an oocyte donor for a woman entered into a surrogacy agreement with her.

Happy Parents agency employees check in detail whether each candidate for surrogate mothers is suitable according to the legislation. Potential surrogate mothers submit a large list of documents to the agency employees before joining the surrogacy program.

Checking of the surrogate's health status

All potential surrogate mothers have a thorough medical check at the expense of our agency. During this check, candidates take blood tests for hormones, viruses and infections, have gynecological exams, and various U/S.

What is included in the program
  • Surrogate mother meeting applicable law;
  • Disclosing of medical check results to surrogates;
  • Scoring of medical check results by an obstetrician-gynecologist, fertility specialist.
Program stages
Meeting at our office and concluding a contract
the terms and conditions of the contract regarding the number of candidates and the genetic parents’ wishes when choosing candidates are discussed.
Providing candidates from the agency's database
organization of meetings and acquaintance with candidates for the role of surrogate mother
Choosing a surrogate mother
genetic parents choose a surrogate mother after meeting several candidates
Conveying of medical check results
the results of all analyzes and the doctor's decision are handed over parents for further use of these documents in the program
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