Surrogacy with IVF on donor oocytes (eggs)

Surrogacy with IVF on donor oocytes (eggs).

The surrogacy program with IVF on donor oocytes is intended for women no having their own eggs. In this case, a woman can use donor oocytes from both an anonymous and non-anonymous donor. Donor eggs from an anonymous donor are being used in the program only after their cryopreservation and a quarantine period for 6 months. These oocytes can be purchased from a special donor oocyte bank. Donor eggs from a non-anonymous donor are being used immediately in the program without a quarantine period, but in this case, there are certain risks that the physician warns the patient about.
Fertilization of donor eggs can only be with the sperm of the woman’s husband who uses the donor egg.

The program includes:
  • Preparation of parents for the program (familiarization with the program stages, with the Belarussian or Ukraine legislation, execution of documents for joining the program and their translation)
  • Surrogate mother meeting and her preparation for the program (search, choosing, medicine check of a surrogate mother. Regulatory review of the surrogate mother's civil status)
  • Organization of video interview between genetic parents and a surrogate mother (optional)
  • Parents' visit to Minsk or Kiev city (transfer airport-hotel-clinic-civil law notary-airport)
  • Cell phone with a local SIM card for Internet access and communication with our agency curator
  • Hotel accommodation during the first visit (3-4 days)
  • An appointment to the clinic to the physician in charge of the program for medical advisement, take a test / biological substance, and process of medical documentation for treatment under the surrogacy program
  • Translation services, notarial services, translation and certification of all documents
  • Donor oocytes meeting (in the case of a non-anonymous donor) and preparation for the program (search, choosing, medicine check, allowance). Purchase of donor oocytes from the oocyte bank (in the case of an anonymous donor)
  • IVF by ICSI or IMSI technique and storage of embryos for 1 year
  • PGT-A embryos on 24 chromosomes (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies)
  • Embryos transfer to the alvus of a surrogate mother
  • Tests to confirm pregnancy on the 11th, 14th and 28th days after the embryos transfer into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother
  • Monitoring of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy by medical officer. Medication provision and administration adjustments
  • Monthly payments to a surrogate mother
  • Organization of video communication via the Internet between the surrogate mother and the parents (optional)
  • A full range of medicine check and medications for the surrogate mother to maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Pharmacological support for the surrogate mother if any health problems of the surrogate mother and child during the pregnancy management phase happens
  • Organization of a surrogate mother residence in Minsk or Kiev city
  • Childbirth in the best maternity hospitals in Minsk or Kiev city
  • Payment of remuneration to a surrogate mother
  • Refund for childbirth and medical staff of the maternity hospital
  • Completion of discharge documents from the maternity hospital
  • Visit of genetic parents to Minsk or Kiev city for childbirth (transfer airport-hotel-clinic-civil law notary-consulate agency-airport)
  • Accommodation in an apartment (1 month)
  • Pediatrician after the child discharge from the material hospital if the child is sick
  • Provision of children's things for the length of stay in Minsk or Kiev city: a baby bath, a sterilizer, a baby crib, scales and a baby carriage.
  • Preparation of documents for a child for genetic parents
  • Translation, notarial services, translation and certification of all documents
  • Paternity DNA test
The program no includes (extra paid):
  • cryopreserved embryos storage for more than 1 year
  • extra payment for a surrogate mother for CS
  • extra pay for twins
  • compensation for a surrogate mother during surgery relating to complications during pregnancy or childbirth
  • ancillary PGT-A test
  • babysitter assistance with childcare
  • medicines and physician assistance due transfer of a child to the intensive care unit
  • organization and preservation of umbilical cord blood of a newborn child
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